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Anatomy of a Glove

Back Of Hand

1 Neoprene Wrist provides exceptional comfort and is more durable than the Lycra used by some of our competiors
2 Injection Molded Logo provides a clean, quality look while it catches the eye
3 Four-Way stretch Polyester back material is more durable than Lycra yet extremely breathable. As atest, hold the Four-Way up to a light and compare the number and size of the holes with Lycra
4 Lycra Stretch panels between fingers provide an excellent fit
5 Overlock Stitching provides a clean and durable edge
6 Extensive use of Terry Cloth provides a luxurious fit and feel to the gloves
7 Grip Shift Reinforcement adds durability to a high wear area
8 Embroidered Logo adds a visually distinct look to Push gloves and adds to the overall value
9 Machine applied binding provides clean finished look to glove



Palm Of Hand

1 Triple-layer padding: soft open cell foam over dense, supportive closed cell foam over a final layer of open cell foam for perfect fit and comfort
2 Double Sewn Palm is more durable than single stitching and the off set color thread shows the quality of the workmanship
3 Printed Palm Logo draws attention to the Built In Pull Tab
4 Built In Pull Tab transfers pull-on force away from the wrist seam and onto the main leather panel
5 Neoprene Wrist provides exceptional comfort and is more durable than the Lycra use by some of our competitors
6 One Piece Palm Design: Many of our competitors adds a seam and an additional piece of material for the thumb. Push uses a one piece palm to limit complexity and increase consistency by reducing the number of seams on the palm
7 Thumb Flex Design removes the padding at this strategic point to allow the thumb to naturally fold in towards the grip
8 Die Cut Patterns provide consistent fit. Most other manufactures hand cut their patterns
9 Double Sewn, Flat Seams: The materials are laid flat to avoid bunching, then sewn twice for durability