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Who Are We

Push Products was founded in 1998 with a very simple goal. Produce the world's finest cycling gloves. We try to fulfill this goal by using the finest imported synthetic materials and hand picking the natural hides for our leather gloves. We also control the tanning process for these hides, so the finished product is always and only of the very highest quality.

Our design philosophy is also very simple. Our products are designed to answer your needs as a cyclist. We do not come out with a new product until we are confident it will be unique in the market place and address needs other products haven't even considered. This leads us to build gloves like the Comfort Terry that are super soft, very comfortable, and cut short on the wrist, so they came be worn with a wrist watch. Our Visagel gloves feature thin gel padding just thick enough to absorb vibration and reduce fiction. Other companies over pad their gel glove making them virtually useless to real cyclist.

We agonize over the slightest details, so you don't have to worry about anything but your ride. We even specify thread count and Terry Cloth weight. Some people would call it obsessive, but we like to think that we are fulfilling our goal of producing the world's finest cycling gloves.


We would love to hear your thoughts on our products, our web site, or your cycling experiences. Please contact us at the follow address or use the link below to email us.

Push Products

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